We believe travellers are increasingly looking for something different. Experiences!


Do you ever wonder how much you are missing in the race from here to there to see all the tick-the-box tourist destinations? Are you tired of the crowds?

Travel is about dreams and relationships. Daring, exploring and learning. Doing, indulging. Connecting, reconnecting. Travel is about being there, and experience. 

With us you will discover the city from a local point of view. Learn about local culture and dare to be curious! 


What to expect?



* 2 hour walk - guided by our local urban anthropologist

* Learn about local culture

* Think and see like an anthropologist

* Meet heritage traders

* Taste local delicacies

* Let us take you off the beaten path 

* See, do & experience 

* Sustainable tourism

* Expect to be surprised 

* It's not a tour, it's an experience 

* Daily, RM180 / €40 pp


* 2,5 hour experience!

* Explore Penang with fun activities for the kids along the way 

* Create unforgettable memories for later

* Learn about local culture - with cultural activities perfect for kids

* Taste local delicacies

* Fun and interactive

* Interactive and fun

* Daily, RM180 / €40 pp



* Experience one of the vibrant local festivals!

* Small group

* A glimpse behind the scenes

* Learn about rituals and cultural customs

* Unique experience 

* Photogenic ...!

* Immerse yourself in culture with a festival tour

* See our Festival Tours for more information




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